Success University for Women in Leadership with Nannette Bosh

Success University for Women in Leadership with Nannette Bosh A note from Author Nannette Bosh I’m happy to announce I have recently co-authored a new book “Success University for Women in Leadership” and it’s launching on November 14th, 2017. The women… Read More ►

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STAR 99.9 Supports the Red Cross | Help Harvey Victims

star 99.9 fm, red cross,help harvey, nannette bosh

STAR 99.9 supports the Red Cross helping Harvey Victims. STAR 99.9 fm gets my GOLD STAR. Many thanks to Anna and Raven at STAR 99.9 fm for today’s morning interview and helping to get the word out about the Red Cross… Read More ►

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CT Raises 52k to Help HARVEY Victims | American Red Cross

nannette bosh, support hurricane harvey victims, American Red Cross

CT raises 52k to help HARVEY victims in what is being called the worst flooding disaster in U.S. history. I am proud to be supporting the American Red Cross charity efforts. I believe it is in times of human need… Read More ►

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Tips for Public Speaking – Before You Speak

tips for public speaking, nannette bosh

Tips for public speaking before you speak. Recently a LinkedIn contact for some tips for public speaking that I could offer her before she got started. I put together a list she could use to ensure her first public speaking engagement would be a… Read More ►

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Best Advice Ever Eventually You Will Die

Best advice ever eventually you will die, yes you’re probably thinking seems a bit doom and gloom, am I right? Well that’s the best advice ever given (in my opinion) and it came from Gary Vee. If you don’t know Gary… Read More ►

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Go Online Pro Grow Your Business Like a Marketing Pro

Go Online Pro, everything you’ll need to grow your online business like a marketing pro!  A successful online entrepreneur from Go Online Pro offers to teach you one skill set to improve your business. What would you most like to… Read More ►

Training at The United States Coast Guard Academy

Training at the United States Coast Guard Academy today was an amazing experience. Many thanks to the U.S. Academy for hosting DR training. I’ve lived in Connecticut my entire life. Today I’m proud to announce that I had the anticipated honor of training at… Read More ►

Red Cross Giving Day | Nannette Bosh | WTNH

  Red Cross Giving Day exceeds fundraising goal. Nannette Bosh joined by WTNH Bob Wilson for the 3rd Annual Red Cross Giving Day. An incredible day of fundraising for the Red Cross to support its’ Disaster Relief Fund. Generous donors turned out despite the… Read More ►

Red Cross Annual Giving Day with WTNH

Today is the American Red Cross 3rd Annual Giving Day. This is a Nationwide effort to raise 2.8 million dollars for the Red Cross Disaster Relief Fund. Our Connecticut Chapter has a fundraising goal of $25,000 dollars and will be partnering with WTNH. You can… Read More ►

Turning 50 Time to Celebrate

Yes I’m turning fifty. Where has the time gone? I’m inviting you to celebrate turning 50 too! It’s our year of celebration, so grab your infographic below… The Big “F”s of Turning 50, and start celebrating now. Things to keep in mind when you turn 50 by Nannette… Read More ►