• Unlocking your potential

Hi, I'm Nannette Bosh.

I teach business owners, organizations, and entrepreneurs the effective steps for optimizing brand presence and successful strategies for maximizing talent. I believe the difference between where you are now and where you want to be are the actions you're willing to take.


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An entertaining and engaging speaker, Nannette Bosh motivates and inspires action leaving audiences fueled about their personal and professional potential. Her diverse business experience contributes brilliantly to her relatability. Energetic and humorous her enthusiasm is contagious. Bosh has addressed audiences of all sizes from small strategy groups and orientations to large annual conferences. Learn more


Are brand visibility challenges leaving you feeling stressed out? Nannette Bosh can help. She's been featured countless times in print, radio and televised media including a CBS Prime-Time Special. Her motivational style of marketing earned her a worldwide social media ranking among the Top 50 Facebook Elite (alongside Mashable Founder Pete Cashmore and Premier Facebook Marketing Expert Mari Smith) hailed by grader.com. Learn more


The Founder of How to School and Creator of Go Online Pro you’ll find Nannette Bosh helping business owners, organizations, and entrepreneurs realize their true brand potential by teaching them "how to" magnify their visibility and maximize their talent. If you'd like to join Nannette live or online look for events marked "open to the public". If you don’t see an upcoming event in your area but you're interested in hosting. Learn more


Need to maximize your teams' talent? Nannette Bosh has an interactive training program built with you in mind. She has more than twenty years of leadership experience and her interactive "Play For A Day Workshops" were developed to create a fun engaging way for your group or team to bond and connect. Learn more