STAR 99.9 Supports the Red Cross | Help Harvey Victims

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STAR 99.9 supports the Red Cross helping Harvey Victims.

STAR 99.9 fm gets my GOLD STAR.

Many thanks to Anna and Raven at STAR 99.9 fm for today’s morning interview and helping to get the word out about the Red Cross charity efforts as the organization works feverishly to assist the more than 6 million people already affected by HARVEY. The Red Cross currently has 6 kitchens equipped to serve 10,000 meals per day with six more in the works. Red Cross volunteers are working around the clock to provide; food, water, shelter, supplies and comfort to families that have lost everything!

The ongoing willingness of publicity and media teams including radio stations like STAR 99.9 fm is crucial, as it is estimated that the HARVEY victims will be in need of Red Cross support through the Christmas season. You may only have $1.00 to give but each and every dollar truly counts.

*Special thanks to Christian Turnquist for making the interview possible. He has converted it into a podcast for replay and sharing. Find out how you can help here.

With Gratitude,

Nannette Bosh

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