Success University for Women in Leadership with Nannette Bosh

Success University for Women in Leadership with Nannette Bosh A note from Author Nannette Bosh I’m happy to announce I have recently co-authored a new book “Success University for Women in Leadership” and it’s launching on November 14th, 2017. The women… Read More ►

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Red Cross Giving Day | Nannette Bosh | WTNH

  Red Cross Giving Day exceeds fundraising goal. Nannette Bosh joined by WTNH Bob Wilson for the 3rd Annual Red Cross Giving Day. An incredible day of fundraising for the Red Cross to support its’ Disaster Relief Fund. Generous donors turned out despite the… Read More ►

Turning 50 Time to Celebrate

Yes I’m turning fifty. Where has the time gone? I’m inviting you to celebrate turning 50 too! It’s our year of celebration, so grab your infographic below… The Big “F”s of Turning 50, and start celebrating now. Things to keep in mind when you turn 50 by Nannette… Read More ►

Half Day Workshop at DMD with Trainer Nannette Bosh

DMD Insurance (Dowding, Moriarty and Dimock, Inc) will be hosting a Half Day Workshop for its staff on December 15th, 2017. In addition to team building, games and exercises, trainer Nannette Bosh will cover; self-awareness, confidence building, and learning to… Read More ►

Professional Women’s Group – Goal Setting 2017

The Professional Women’s Group will gather on December 12th in Hartford to celebrate 2016 and start their goal setting for 2017. The group is part of Dress for Success and will be joined by Speaker Nannette Bosh. The topic areas… Read More ►

Training with Jack Canfield

Above photo featured from left to right; Natasha Ryan R’Amelio, Rani St. Pucchi, Jack Canfield, Nannette Bosh and Tracy Isaac. Speaker Nannette Bosh recently met up with mentor Jack Canfield in California to complete the last of her training along with the members of… Read More ►

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