Best Advice Ever Eventually You Will Die

Best advice ever eventually you will die, yes you’re probably thinking seems a bit doom and gloom, am I right? Well that’s the best advice ever given (in my opinion) and it came from Gary Vee. If you don’t know Gary Vee you should consider following him. I know eventually you will die doesn’t sound like sound advice but think about it for a moment. What’s the real meaning behind the four word message? I think this advice is actually brilliant. When I first heard Gary say if you want the best advice ever in four words or less here it is…


Yes we will all die eventually and we may not know when or how but many of us go through life coasting on auto-pilot often letting so much slip away in the blink of an eye. You may be shocked by the words, I have to admit I was too, well at least for a minute. I thought it was the best advice ever because I heard what wasn’t actually said. This is my interpretation of his advice:

  1. Love with your whole heart.
  2. Live and cherish every moment.
  3. Be kind and grateful.
  4. Let there be no regret.
  5. Have fun and play like you’re still a kid.
  6. Surround yourself with people who love and support you.
  7. Roll down your car windows.
  8. Turn up some music.
  9. Take in the sunsets.
  10. Ditch the pointless drama and gossip.
  11. Don’t be so serious.
  12. Laugh more often even at your own expense.
  13. Let your guard down and your hair too.
  14. Stop comparing yourself to others. Yes some have more but plenty have much less.
  15. You’re unique so celebrate your individuality.
  16. Use your gifts and talents to live your life’s purpose.
  17. Go easy on yourself, we all make mistakes.
  18. If you’ve got a dream GO FOR IT, you have nothing to lose.

As a coach since 2009 I’ve learned a thing or two about the effects of living a life of regret. Most often it’s not using your gifts and talents to live your life’s purpose that is the root cause. Eventually you will die and I will too, it’s part of life. However when you’re on your death bed you want to be able to say “I’m so glad I lived and did this or that”. You certainly won’t want to be mulling over a life of regrets, saying “I wish I had or would’ve, could’ve, should’ve”.


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